Sunday, April 22, 2012

Cameron Diaz-InStyle

The lovely actress Cameron Diaz did a photoshoot for InStyle magazine for the issue of may 2012.She wore some amazing peaces from the most famous fashion designers like Valentino,Chanel,Armani,Dior etc.


Saturday, April 14, 2012

Colorful Sunglasses?

Many of those who love colorful sunglasses may not buy a pair because if you had to choose a pair of expensive sunglasses, you may very well go with one that will match with most outfits for any occasion. The most popular choice of course is always the black.But now it's time to think and to add color in our lifes. So,a pretty pair of colored sunglasses is the next buy that you have to do for this spring-summer season.
                                                    Animal print:

                                                    Bright colors:


 What do you think?Would you buy a pair sunglasses like those? Or you think that is too much?

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Hair Buns

The bun is one of the best summer's hairstyles. It's easy, keeps your neck cool and it's flattering on every face shape! If you have a heart-shaped face,for you is a bun in the middle of your head. Elongate a round face with a low bun.And a high, ballerina-esque topknot is super-pretty on oval faces.
Ballarina's Bun:         
                           Sienna Miller                            Lauren Conrad    
                           Whitney Port                            Jennifer Lopez  
Low bun:                                                        
                              Zoe Saldana                                  Lea Michele
                            Michelle Williams                       Scalett Johansson                      
Messy Bun:             
                          Vanessa Hudgens                   Selena Gomez
                           Miley Cyrus                            Emma Stone

Do you like this trend?What do you think about those hairstyles?
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